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Documents on Delivery

I have just taken delivery of a new Sweetwater PE 220 in Australia by an authorised dealer. I received a navy blue Nautic bag with information relating to the Sony stereo, Mercury info and a basic Sweetwater owners manual but nothing specific to my boat or the warranty? I expected, like when you purchase a car a book detailing the serial number of the boat, delivery/build dates and warranty info? Interested to know what documents and reading material others may of received on delivery? Would appreciate your feedback.

Best Answer


  • jhillmanjhillman Posts: 5Member
    Glad you at least got a manual for your radio. I've emailed Godfrey pontoons twice since our purchase in Aug. And still have not gotten a reply.
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    @jhillman...what is it that you need? I'll try to help you track it down. 
  • jhillmanjhillman Posts: 5Member
    We bought a new Sweetwater 2286 TT back in August.  Our boat came equipped with a Sony DSX-MS60 Stereo. At delivery the user's manual for the radio was not included with the packet we recieved from the dealer.  After searching the internet for a manual I found out that the radio is supposed to come with a remote(RM-X151 wireless remote), and a iPod adapter (XA-50IP USB connector for iPod).  I contacted my dealer and he said that these pieces were accessories (we have no way to plug in our iPod without the adapter), and we would have to purchase these separately. Every description that I have found for this stereo system has the remote and the adapter included. Not sure why such an integral part of the system would not be included from Sweetwater. You can't just use a cord it's a specialized piece for these radios.
    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    Ahhh...gotcha. Checking on this for you...
  • jhillmanjhillman Posts: 5Member
    Capt_Steve, have you had a chance to check on this for me?
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    @jhillman... sorry for the delay on this...shooting another note to figure this out for you.
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