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Prop cavitation when trimmed up any amount except when all the way down

I just got my new 2014 2086 FC yesterday. It has 27 inch tubes with lifting strakes Also got under skin and inside skirting. 90 hp merc with factory drilled transom. The dealer installed motor fairly low, only one hole left to lower motor. On first trip I noticed if I trim up motor any more than 5 to 10 percent it cavitated. Does anyone know what I should do? Is boat lifting too high out of water with big tubes and strake? Should mounting holes have been lower for this set up?


  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    Could be a prop issue or maybe  the motor needs to be moved down a notch.  Better to inform the dealer of the issue since this is a brand new boat.
  • Darryl70Darryl70 Posts: 3Member
    The dealer went for a ride along with me when we picked new boat I only have 2 hrs run time so far. He recommended dropping motor down one home. I'm getting that done when boat goes in for first service and inspection which he told between 10 to 20 hrs. Thanks for the advice. I will let you know what we find out
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    @Darryl70 ... good idea on the ride-along. Hope they get everything worked out for you.
  • Lonestar09Lonestar09 Posts: 4Member
    I have a 2013 220DL with 115Yamaha. I have the 27inch diameter tubes as well. I had my motor lowered twice by the dealer and still have same problem as Darryl70. The lowest setting just barley allowed the boat to start trimming. As soon as someone sits at front of ventilates and speed drops. I had asked the dealer before boat was built if motor needed the XL shaft. He assured me that it did not and that Godfrey would build the transom to right height to compensate for larger pontoon size. I was also told that there were not any schematics drawn up at the time for this setup to assure it was set up right. So more or less the boat was set up with same specs as boat with 25" or smaller tubes. I'm curious if any of these boats with the 27" tubes have been built with the XL shaft on motor and if it has corrected the prop ventilation problem??? From what I saw about Yamaha pricing...there is not a price difference for the XL shaft. I would love to hear some feed back about this. And a solution. Thanks. James-
  • pat11404pat11404 Posts: 1Member
    hi there my 2013 sw2486 27" tubes, strakes an inside skirting f115 Yamaha had cavitation issues especially on turns dropped engine one hole all is good now.13.5x 17 prop.
  • Lonestar09Lonestar09 Posts: 4Member
    Pat11404- What are the strakes like on your boat? full length or partial? inside and out side of each pontoon? and does your motor have the 20" or 25" shaft?  just curious. I'm trying to find out as much info as I can before changing my set up any further. Thanks. James-
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