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Purple Pink color on Vinyl Upholstery

I have a 2009 Aqua Patio which I leave covered when not in use.  However, each time I uncover it, the tops of the vinyl upholstery, especially in the front of the boat have a dark purple stain on them.  As the boat is exposed to sunlight, the color fades to a light pink/brown but never totally disappears.  Thinking the cause might be the factory cover, I began placing terry cloth bath towels on top of the upholstery to keep it from touching the cover but that has made no difference.  Can you help?   


  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    Checking on this for you @Lurch614 ;
  • dtherriendtherrien Posts: 7Member
    @lurch614 I feel your pain. I have a 2009 Aqua Patio. When I bought it used from the dealer in the fall of 2009 (it had 5 hours on it) he told me that the boat had "pinking issues" from day 1. They had replaced all the seats for the original owner. The original owner was still not happy. They bought the boat back, replaced the seats and resold the boat to me. They gave me full disclosure when i bought it and assured me they would stand behind it. The boat was beautiful when i bought it. Well late last summer the carpets all turned pink. The dealer told me they were able to clean them and get the pink out over the winter. They delivered the boat in the spring. PINK CARPETS! I refused delivey of the boat. They took it back and were able to get the pink out. They said they would open a warranty claim with Goddfrey. That was over a month ago and no response to date. To make matters worse, THE CARPETS ARE PINK AGAIN! WAIT! iT GETS WORSE THAN THAT! Over the fourth we left a wet bathing suit on the front seat for the day. We picked up the suit and where it was resting, the seat turned PINK, PURPLE and BROWN. The suit had been washed many times and the color never ran. We even washed it again with all whites to make sure and there was no issue. The color did not run from the suit. It had some sort of chemical reaction with the upholstry. I tried everything. There is no changing the color back. I notified the dealer yesterday and have not heard back. If how they've handled the carpet issue is any indication of what is to come with this new issue, I'm not very encouraged that Goddfrey will stand behind their product. Incidentally I learned from the dealer that "pinking" was known to occur with upholstry and carpets in the Northeast. It has something to do with a fungus in the lakewater that has a chemical reaction with a composition from both. It was a widespread problem. I wish you better luck than I've had so far. By the way, i love the way the boat handles and rides and performs. If not for this, I'd have no complaint. Please step up for both of us Goddfrey.
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    edited July 2013
    @lurch614 @dtherrien ... guys this is something that needs to be handled directly at the dealer level. They can evaluate the issue and work through the warranty claim with the factory. Here's the response from Matt at Godfrey Pontoons: 

    This was thought to be an issue cover reacting with the vinyl on the furniture.  Keeping the boat in the sun does help tone down the discoloration, however, they should bring this to their dealer (may be a warranty issue if they are the original owners).  We can sell replacement seats or pre-sewn vinyl.
  • dtherriendtherrien Posts: 7Member
    Captain Steve, I brought the carpet issue to the dealer over a month ago. They tell me they have not heard back from Godfrey. How long does it take? I brought the seat issue to the dealer last Friday. It's Tuesday and they have not called back. Based on the reaction to the first issue my hopes are not high. Who can I call at Godfrey?

  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    @dtherrien ... Let's get you in touch with Matt at Godfrey. His direct phone number is 574.522.8381 x 5234. 
  • dtherriendtherrien Posts: 7Member
    Thank you very much Captain Steve.
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    No problem...good luck with your issue. Also, no excuse, but the Godfrey offices were closed last week for the holiday. 
  • dtherriendtherrien Posts: 7Member
    I have a call into Matt. Just thought I'd share a picture.
    I have the same problem on tops of seats on my recently purchased 2007 aqua patio 24dc. only where the cover meets the seat tops. fades to normal after sunlight. wonder if it could be an air circulation problem
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    @dtherrien ... let us know what Matt has to say about this. Might help @DIAMONDGIRL
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    @DIAMONDGIRL ... feel free to also reach out directly to Matt. His number is above and his email is
  • Lurch614Lurch614 Posts: 2Member
    Thanks to all who have commented on the pink stain issue - it's good to learn I'm not alone.  Here's a bit more information that may be of help.  I am the original owner of my boat but, unfortunately, the dealer from whom I bought the boat was of little help and has since left the retail arena.  The new Godfrey dealer in my area was familiar with the pink problem and had experienced it with boats upon delivery from Godfrey.  The folks I spoke with at the dealership provided me with a document discussing pink stain which is summarized below.

    The document, titled Pink Stain and Vinyl Coated Fabrics,  is from Spradling International, Inc., P.O. Box 1668, 200 Cahaba Valley Parkway North, Pelham, AL 35124,  800-333-0955.  The quality of the copy I obtained from the dealer is poor so I'm summarizing it rather than providing a scanned copy. 


    Pink Stain is a by-product, dye, of a specific type of bacterial micro-organism.  This dye is soluble in plasticizer,  a primary ingredient in vinyl coated fabrics, and will stain any vinyl coated fabric with which it comes in contact.  Care should be taken in the construction of vinyl covered fabrics to insure the seams are water tight if possible and that the foam cushions are designed to avoid water saturation and are quick drying if they do get wet.  The foam and other materials used in the construction of the seats and cushions should be treated with an effective anti-microbial agent during construction.  "Frequent and proper cleaning" should be undertaken after construction to avoid moisture and dirt retention in crevices.  Boats should be covered when not in use and wet towels and swimsuits, etc. should not be stowed on boats.  Adequate ventilation is important and the use of a moisture reducing desiccant is recommended.  

    Interestingly, we have routinely taken steps to minimize moisture collecting on our boat; more to reduce the chances of mildew than pink stain.  We avoid leaving wet items on the boat, keep it covered with a cover that has ventilation discs into which the six cover supports are inserted, and have placed large "DampRid" moisture absorbing products on the boat over the winter months.  I have just started placing a large DampRid product on the boat for the summer months and will see if it makes a difference.  And, I plan to contact both Matt at Godfrey and the folks at Spradling this week to see if they can help.  Will update later.   

  • dtherriendtherrien Posts: 7Member

    I heard from Matt today. He gave me a list of cleaning products I can use to clean what he called "mold" on the carpet, although I've never seen pink mold. He told me to take a bleach mixture to the pink and purple stain in the seat. We now call that stain the "tattoo" because the stain is in the fabric, it's not on it. I told him if it didn't work I wanted Godfrey to replace the seat. He told me I'm out of luck because I'm out of warranty (see above post for the history on the boat).  I tried the chlorine mixture he prescribed to treat the tattoo. It did not work.  Looks like I am the proud owner of a tattooed boat with pink carpets.

    The dealer did offer to buy the boat back to me. I initially told them I like the performance of the boat and I just want this problem fixed. Upon my interaction with Matt I think I'm going to take the dealer up on the offer and start looking at other Pontoon boat brands.  Anyone have an recommendations on quality boats that are not Godfrey?  Here is f picture of the pink "mold' on carpets. The boat has fringes of pink all over the carpet.

    @Lurch614 thank you for opening this post and for sharing the information above. I too take great care to keep the boat clean and moisture free. We always cover it when we are not using it. The document summary shared proves that Godfrey knows there is a problem but does not want to stand behind their product. I could not be more disappointed. This is not the experience I was promised when I bought the boat. I"m serious about asking for a recommendation for a new non-Godfrey boat. If anyone has a recommendation please let me know.
  • dtherriendtherrien Posts: 7Member
    One more update. I called the dealer today and told them I was going to take them up on their offer to buy the boat back from me. They were willing to but they assured me that they are on top of the problem and will do right by me. They are going to fix my issues in the fall when I take the boat out of the water.

    I've been with this dealer since 2008 and they've always kept their word and have stood by the products that they sell. This is the second boat I've bought from them and they've always treated me right. I'm sure they will in the case as well.

    Don't bother contacting Matt Stewart. He's not in a position to help you. Work through your dealer. That's the only advice I can give after all of this.
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    Hope you get everything worked out, Dan. Just like with cars, dealers are on the front line to work through these issues.
  • SailpalSailpal Posts: 1Member
    Don't know if this will work on carpet.  I had pink stains spotted all over the white vinyl. Googled for pink mold and stains on vinyl.  and... yup it's actually a bacteria.

    I found a product specifically made to get rid of the pink stains caused by bacteria.  It's got a dumb name and it's expensive. But it works.  I got it from

  • dtherriendtherrien Posts: 7Member
    Ah the saga continues. In the fall The dealer told me they had spoken to goddfrey and goddfrey was going to stand behind their product and replace both the seat and the carpet. I called the dealer two weeks ago for a status. They said they'd done nothing all winter and would have to look into it. So regarding the fabric the dealer said they would need to go to a local upholstery guy because goddfrey refused to do anything about it. As far as the carpet they told me tough luck. The dealer even complained about Goddfrey's handling of the matter. The offered to sell me a new Goddfrey. LOL.

    Here is the deal for all of you potential goddfrey customers. There are two types of consumer manufacturing companies. Toyota and GM. I've owned 6 toyotas and 1 GM. If you have an issue with a Toyota bring it to the dealer. It gets fixed no questions asked. If there is a recall they always do the right thing. I'm a lifelong Toyota owner and collectively my extended family has probably bought 20 of them. Now there is GM...they're ignition systems caught fire, they knew about it. People died and they still did nothing until their hands were forced.

    Read the documentation available on goddfrey and their upholstery manufacturers. It's their dirty GM ignition secret and they are handling it exactly like GM. Caveat emptor everyone. Caveat emptor.
  • 240sd240sd Posts: 2Member

    has any one found a way to clean  the staining , since it is under or in the vinyl not on to  where would easly be wiped , thanks for any input 

  • rsorberrsorber Posts: 1Member

    has anyone used this item PINK- AWAY if so let me know your results

  • fdwillsfdwills Posts: 1Member
    I too am experiencing the stain on furniture covers (seat covers) on my 2008 Sweetwater. This is my 4th Sweetwater and had not experienced it before. Is this only on certain year models and is Godfrey using a different vinyl material distributor now? Would hate to buy a new pontoon and have the same problem.

  • DdancersDdancers Posts: 134Member ✭✭
    1. Hi all I have a stain problem also, perhaps someone has a solution.

      Just a few days out found that the ink from clothing transfer to the helm captain seat.

      Just a little heart breaking to see.

      Haven't found any why to remove it and I've try just about everything. I think only thing left is trying to use a light bleach. Currently exposing it for next several days to sun.

      I realize cure may shorten life of vinyl  but willing to live with that as long it's not drastically shortened.

      I've searched the web and others have had the same problem, but haven't found anyone shooting back with the solution. (If Any)

      If you've found a fix please let me know.   May have to just look the other way.

  • DontheoDontheo Posts: 1Member
    I have all my seats removed and am about ready to pull the carpet as well.  I took the Vinyl off all the seats and was about to send them out to have them all remade. Just by chance I found this website and thread.

    I originally blamed one of my employees I let use the boat to propose to his girlfriend and I thought he spayed some kind of repellent around the boat because the stains are on the top.

    I later thought it might be the glue used for the foam on the underside.  I had some pink growth/stains on the carpet too.

    If it is in the plasticizer or glue get rid of all the vinyl carpet.  Living in Texas, I have been through the mold litigation craze a few years back as a defendant and it was mostly made up.  The "Pink" was the bad type, or so they said.  I have two labradors who won't let me take the boat out without them.  I don't want them laying on the carpet or seats absorbing any of that crap.

    Just my own thoughts.  Love the Boat otherwise!           
  • DdancersDdancers Posts: 134Member ✭✭
    My stains were from  clothing transfer of ink. I waited too long trying to be safe before applying a remover. I finally got using Motsenbockers 22-oz. Spray Paint Graffiti Remover. I'm sure I reduced the life of the vinyl because had to work it hard. If I'd used it within a day or two likely would have removed all the stain with a faction of the effort.
  • kurfewkurfew Posts: 2Member
    Lurch614 said:
    I have a 2009 Aqua Patio which I leave covered when not in use.  However, each time I uncover it, the tops of the vinyl upholstery, especially in the front of the boat have a dark purple stain on them.  As the boat is exposed to sunlight, the color fades to a light pink/brown but never totally disappears.  Thinking the cause might be the factory cover, I began placing terry cloth bath towels on top of the upholstery to keep it from touching the cover but that has made no difference.  Can you help?   To all that have pinking issues. Gestalt Scientific  has created the world's first treat for vinyl pinking.  It takes about 60 minutes. Inquire on the website.
  • kurfewkurfew Posts: 2Member
    To all that have pinking issues. Gestalt Scientific  has created the world's first treat for vinyl pinking.  It takes about 60 minutes. Inquire on the website.
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