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How can I obtain a wiring diagram for my boat?

slammy77slammy77 Posts: 1Member
Basically, this is all due to the fact that my stereo doesn't work.  The boat has been sitting out uncovered for 3 years.  I charged the batteries.  Everything works except the radio.  The light works on the switch labeled 'stereo', but no power is going to the unit.  I replaced the unit with a new one (sony xPlod with bluetooth, pandora, and a usb port-stuff we wanted on a new radio anyway).  I am stumped.  I don't know much about the wiring of the boat.  Is there a fuse between the 'stereo' switch and the stereo?  

The switches are labeled 'stereo' 'acc' 'anc' , etc.  Under those switches there are some little white buttons that say "push to reset".  What are those?  Could they be damaged from weather?  Where can I get a wiring diagram that shows me which one of those goes to the radio?  

I greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.  


  • graystokegraystoke Posts: 1Member

    I have the same issue - anyone have a suggestion?

  • CRFCRF Posts: 119Member ✭✭

    push to reset is a circuit breaker, instead of a fuse

    18 ft. Sweetwater Sunrise (F) Pontoon  "Slice of Life" ; 40hp. Yamaha

  • BKsFunBoatBKsFunBoat Posts: 2Member
    I wrote directly to Godfrey using the customer support link on their website and requested a wiring diagram for my 2004 Sweetwater. I received an e-mail with attachments within a few days. The wiring diagram I received looks like what the factory would use to assemble the harness. Very few actual component call-outs, mostly cable colors ant connector types. Better then nothing and the customer service was fast. I plan on going through the harness myself and updating the factory diagram. 
  • zinzoidzinzoid Posts: 1Member

    can you send me a link for the wiring diagram?


  • BoomerBoomer Posts: 163Member ✭✭
    Check the back of the radio Mine is a Sony and has a 10 amp spade fuse

    Dale Hollow Lake Byrdstown Tennessee
  • CRFCRF Posts: 119Member ✭✭
    just run a new hot wire to the battery and be done with it

    18 ft. Sweetwater Sunrise (F) Pontoon  "Slice of Life" ; 40hp. Yamaha

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