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Proper Propeller

Dear Capt. Steve,

I have just ordered a new Aqua Patio 240 with a Honda 250 hp motor and would appreciate your guidance on proper propeller selection.

The boat will be used primarily on Lake Havasu in Arizona. Elevation is about 500 feet. While I do not believe this boat is heavy enough to suggest a stainless prop, I would like your opinion. Loads will vary between two and 10 people, so I suppose planning for an average load of 750 pound of people makes sense. Most of the use will be in the winter, so temperatures will rarely exceed 80 degrees. Humidity is generally low.

I have owned various boats, large (36' Albin Trawler) and small (Stingray 220dr, 16' Esquire ski boatg, etc.) so I am not completely unaware of the variables.

My gut tells me an aluminum 4-blade at 15 1/2 X 18 would be most efficient at most speeds with the Honda 250 hp outboard with a 2:1 reduction, or perhaps a 3-blade 15 1/2 X 19 may be a little better. However, I would prefer the advice of a professional who knows the Aqua Patio line to guide me.

Thanks for your advice.


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