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Parts/Accessories Catalog

mreddyspagmreddyspag Posts: 14Member ✭✭
Is there a parts/accessories catalog available to get some of the options that I didn't get when I bought my boat?  Do I need to go through  a dealer or can I order parts direct?
Happy Boating!

Brian Edwards


  • DarrenDarren Posts: 6Member
    Trying to get the same thing for my Parti Kraft. I'm in Australia and all I can find is dealers for new boats or after market stuff which may or may not suit. Dealers only appear to be interested in selling new boats and not interested in spare parts etc. I am trying to find the various sinks I have seen in a few Parti Kraft models but no one can show me where to view them to purchase. Try getting a new bimini for a 2005 model Parti Kraft...... 8 years old and they no longer have them, nor can they provide paterns. Imagine if you couldn't get spares for your 8 year old car. Ford would go broke.
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 164Member admin
    Hey guys...we've had luck with this website:

    There are also huge inventories at, & For biminis, try &

    Good luck, 
  • kajun60kajun60 Posts: 1Member
    I see my negative comment did not show on here,,,,wow so much for that,,, same thing happens from the godfrey company,,,,,no help and will not stand up for there product
  • bryanhajos1bryanhajos1 Posts: 1Member
    i need a replacement bimini for my sweetwater 20GL. any help? its 8x9 for bar 
  • BoomerBoomer USAPosts: 321Member ✭✭
    Dale Hollow Lake Byrdstown Tennessee
  • CRFCRF Posts: 229Member ✭✭✭
    they want you to go through a dealer

    18 ft. Sweetwater Sunrise (F) Pontoon  "Slice of Life" ; 40hp. Yamaha

  • pappajim281pappajim281 Posts: 1Member
    That settles the question of what make pontoon to buy when trading in our bowrider.  NOTHING from Godfrey!
  • BoomerBoomer USAPosts: 321Member ✭✭
    I would rather support a local canvas shop than some company in China
    Dale Hollow Lake Byrdstown Tennessee
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